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What’s been happening?

Well where do I start?

  1. Been real busy with my new Twitch channel (GinStB) and having fun with that. Plus I have enjoyed meeting all the wonderfully fun and creative people there. We already have a pretty close knit little family of crafty people that get together on my channel 4 days a week and enjoy sharing ideas, crafting and just chatting. We usually have a different project each week that we work on and sometimes maybe two or three projects. The next few weeks are working on Junk Journals, clusters, paperclip clusters, book page envelopes, pocket journals, ephemera, etc..
  2. Working on getting my craft room organized – that I have found is a never ending process.
  3. Husband started a new job so we have all been adjusting to his new schedule and getting our routine going around that. Hubby loves his new job, it is totally out of his comfort zone and a job he never thought that he would want to do but he has settled into it quite well and actually is doing really good.
  4. Takara is still being fed every two to three hours and is doing really well with her boiled chicken all day and a can of kitten food at night with her crunchy food in between meals. It really is amazing how she came from deaths bed literally and has become her old self again. Cats really do have nine lives I believe.
  5. Jackson is so big yet he still acts like such a baby and we sometimes forget that he really is still a baby, he only turned two in March. He still has his little “pride” of female feral/stray cats that he has to keep an eye on every day. He definitely doesn’t like to be around them when they are eating though, they scare him. Jackson is a big part of my Twitch stream as well because he likes to come in and check out what is going on and quite often just plops himself down right in the middle of what I am working on.

So, there you have it, not much has changed or has been going on around here. I guess there are a few more little things that every day life throws your way that we have been dealing with or have handled over the last few weeks, but nothing really worth mentioning.

There is one question that has been weighing on my mind lately and that is “why is there so much hate in this world?” I know that is an endless/ageless question, meaning it has been asked many times before over the years by many different people. I know the obvious answers – power, jealousy, greed, and color/race – but we are all people, human beings living together on this planet that we are destroying with our hate.

I know I sound naive and I probably am but it just bothers me that people are so ready to judge, jury and prosecute someone else before they even look at themselves. NO ONE is perfect and in my eyes NO ONE is better than anyone else. We all eat, poop and piss the same, (if you are a human being) we are humans no matter your financial status, your skin color, your sex, your career choice, or your age.

In my life time so far I have met people from all walks of life including a Prince (I had dinner in his home), movie stars (lived right next door to many very famous actors and actress’s in my younger years), worked alongside CEO’s of company’s and corporations. I have been a single mother struggling with work/life balance, I have dealt with divorce, death and the loss of a child, I have worked in a factory – fast food – secretary – retail – bar – cosmetology and law enforcement, I lost everything and was homeless on the street. I have overcome many life threatening obstacles/surgeries over the years, and am now diabetic. Through all this and so much more I feel that I have gotten to know some really wonderful PEOPLE, and yes there have been some not so nice people along the way too but it didn’t change how I look at other people or how I treat them. I am a firm believer in “treat others as you would have them treat you”! What if we all really lived by that motto? How wonderful this world would be!?

The reason behind me telling you all the above about myself is because I just wanted you to know that I have been through or experienced a lot in my life so I feel that I can relate to many of you and hopefully you will be able to connect with me in some way. I am not anyone special and I am not the first person to ever to ask the above question nor will I ever be the last.

Life is not easy no matter how much money you have or don’t have. Status doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. Just because you are a parent doesn’t make you an expert. So why do we think that can judge, make fun of, criticize, tease or maliciously hurt someone else. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS..


I know that this post may upset some of you and some of you may wonder where all this is coming from or why?! All I can say is if it upset you then you may want to ask yourself, why? I do not apologize for my life or my experiences because they have made me who I am. Nor do I apologize for my beliefs or opinions because my grandfather, my father, my ex-husband and my current husband all fought for my right to express my beliefs and opinions.

Where all this came from is that every time I turn on the news or the computer all I ever see is bombings, murders, child suicides, hit and runs, animal cruelty, parents doing unspeakable things to their children and of course not a day can go by without someone in the K. family being shoved down our throats.

Today what got me most is an article that I read on my computer (not sure how true it is or isn’t) about Pink and her family, and it made me sad. Normally I really don’t pay much attention to celeb. tabloids because I have never been a big “fan” or celeb. chaser. This article hit a chord because I respect Pink and her husband for what they have been doing in sharing their lives, their kids, and her tour on social media with everyone over the years. I myself have enjoyed watching her kids grow up and seeing how talented their daughter has become in both her parents professions (she truly is a girl to watch out for in the future). But the article said that Pink will no longer be posting photos of their kids because of all the negative comments she has gotten over the pictures and people judging her as a parent. She is not the first celeb. to get flack about their parenting skills, and will probably not be the last. Who are we to judge? They are people, human beings just like you and me, yes they are famous and yes they have a lot of money but they still have feelings and they still eat, poop, piss and die just like the rest of us.

Alright I am done with my little rant and I would like to thank you for sticking with me if you made it this far, you really do deserve a gold star!

Have a great rest of your week everyone and be kind to one another!



P.S. the above picture is of the Game of Thrones exploding box card I was commissioned to make before April 12. I got it done a whole week ahead of schedule.

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Halloween Collage

In the last few weeks I have been very busy making all kinds of cards for the holidays, to sell at our local Farmer’s Market. As I have been making these cards I have been taking pictures so that I can post and share them with all of you on a daily basis, but I got behind because of computer issues. Now we are back on track so I am going to share some of the Halloween ones with you in a collage and then there will be a separate post with all the Christmas ones I have made so far. Enjoy!

There will be more pictures to share later just wanted to give you a little to hold you over until then.

Please contact me for custom orders or go to my Store above.

Create something wonderful today!


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Halloween Box Card

Here is another Halloween Box Card that I made last week that I wanted to share with you. This card also folds flat for mailing.

This card was made using stickers from Micheal’s, designer paper I got last year from Micheal’s, Stampin’ Up cardstock, the tree and bats are from the Halloween Scenes Edgelits Dies by Stampin’ Up, and the little house is cut out of the Halloween Night Specialty DSP by Stampin’Up. The paper in the background are two more patterns in the Halloween Night Specialty DSP pack by Stampin’ Up. The wahsi tape and baker’s twine in the background are also from Stampin’ Up under the Halloween Night suite. To purchase any of the Stampin’ Up items just go to my Shop 24/7 Stampin’ Up icon on the right hand side of your screen, click on shop now and you will find them in the Holiday Catalog or you can just contact me and I will assist you.

Now go have fun and create something spooky for Halloween.


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Kids Halloween Box Cards

Here are the Kids Halloween Box Cards that I made on Saturday, September 17, 2016. I had a lot of fun making these. Thinking like a kid and trying to remember what I liked as a kid is how I put these cards together. Take a look and let me know what you think. Oh, and all these cards fold flat so that you can put them in an envelope and send through the mail with regular postage.

Sorry, it was sort of overcast outside when I took these so the pictures didn’t come out quite as crisp and clear as usual.

Well it is time for me to get some shut eye, I am exhausted. I will post tomorrow pictures of what I have been doing today.



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Spooky Halloween Box Card

This is one of the box cards that I completed over the weekend and will be posting for sale in my shop.

These little picture frames have those skeleton pictures in them that change from a regular picture of a person to the skeleton version of them. They are actually stickers that I got at Micheal’s and they are all on sale right now along with most of their other Halloween stuff. The paper I got a couple years ago and I am not sure where or the brand, I’m sorry. The little medallion’s on the outside of the box are stickers that I got at Micheal’s as well. The flower on the front is two different sized paper flowers I had and glued them together and glued a black rhinestone in the center. The black string is the new Stampin’ Up – Black Metalic Thread. Then I used some Halloween decorating spider webbing, you can purchase just about anywhere this time of year, to web around the picture frames and a little on the flaps just to give it more of a spooking old feel.

Go buy some of these fun skeleton stickers and make your own Spooky Halloween card, post them and send me a link I would love to see what you come up with.

Have a spooktacular day!


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Halloween Box Card

Thank you to everyone that stopped by the Farmer’s Market in old town Casa Grande yesterday. It was fun talking to everyone and meeting so many wonderful people. I didn’t sell one thing, but I had a great time and am looking forward to next Tuesday’s Farmer’s Market. If you get a chance come down and say “Hi”, and bring a friend. It is really small right now because it is inside Herbalicious, but in October it will be held outside and it will be much bigger. I forgot to take pictures so I will post some of next weeks event.

Wow, it is still sprinkling outside, the sky is all grey, the air is still and looks like it should be cool outside but it is very humid and hot. I wonder if it will be like this all day? I wish, I love days like this, because for some reason I am so much more productive.

Now down to business…lol.

Here is one of the Halloween box cards that I made and the step by step process in pictures.


These are all the base pieces cut out. The box (the solid grey, scored cardstock at the top of the picture) is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. Score length wise down the middle at 2 1/2″, then score width wise at 2″, 4″, 6″ and 8″. The pattern for the box will be posted under this tutorial. The back panels (the long brick looking pieces) are 5 2/8″ x 1 4/8″. The bottom panels are 2 4/8″ x 1 4/8″. The top panels are 2 2/8″ x 1 4/8″.


When you glue the pieces on this is what it should look like for the outside.


These are the only panels that you will put on the opposite/front side.


Take the little 3″ x 1 1/8″ strips, these are going to be the center pieces to hold your display/decorations. Fold them on 1/2″ score lines just like shown in the pictures above and below.



This is how it should look when you have all the pieces glued in place.


Then you will glue your front panel on the inside of the back flap like in the above picture.


Here are a couple of the stamps and edgelits in the Stampin’ Up Holiday Catalog, from the Spooky Fun Stamp Set and Halloween Scenes Edgelits Dies bundle, that I used.


Here they are all cut out.


Here are a couple more of the Edgelits from the same bundle that I used for this card.

Here is the final product.

Let me know if you would like me to post more step by step picture tutorials. Be sure to contact me if you would like a Stampin’ Up Holiday Catalog (only available from September 1, 2016 – January 3, 2017) or the Annual Catalog.

box card template


Stampin’ Up Holiday Catalog – Halloween Night Specialty Designer Series Paper – 142022

Stampin’ Up Holiday Catalog – Halloween Night Card Stock 12″ x 12″- 142023

Stampin’ Up Holiday Catalog – Spooky Fun Stamp Set and Halloween Scenes Edgelits Dies                                                                    Bundle – 144437

Stampin’ Up Annual Catalog – Window Sheets – 142314

Micheal’s – Halloween Greeting Stickers

Tombow Multi Purpose Glue

Glue Dots

Hope you have a great day creating something wonderful.



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Halloween Exploding Box Card

This week I have been working on Halloween cards, my boho scarves/scoodies, and my crochet tote bags for the up coming Farmer’s Market next Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016. If you are in town stop by and say hi, I will be there from 9 am to 1 pm.

So for a sneak peak at what I have been up to, here is one of the Halloween Exploding Box Card’s I have made.

I think I still want to add some cob webs to the sides of the skull but other than that it is done. Wouldn’t this make the perfect desk top Halloween decoration?! I am going to make another one just like this, but I think I am going to try and find a skull that lights up and that is lite weight to put in the middle, wouldn’t that look awesome?

The paper is from the New Stampin’ Up Holiday Catalog, it’s called:

Halloween Night Specialty Designer Series Paper 142022 and

Halloween Night 12″x 12″ Cardstock Pack 142023

The skull and 3D sticker’s I got at Micheal’s  and the ink I used to age the paper was Tim Holtz Tea Dye Distress Ink Pad.

To make the box base use the same pattern I used for the Vintage Exploding Box card.

Happy Halloween.


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Circus Box Card

This is my version of Circus, as an idea for the August/September gift exchange. Hope that it gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you to make something that reminds you of the Circus and/or Fair. Please send me some photos of your projects and we can post them up here. Don’t forget to sign up for our bi-monthly gift exchange.


Card stock – 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″

Pattern paper (I used The Paper Studio – The Great Circus Company paper pack)


Stickers/embellishments (I made all mine for this card)


box card template

If you have any questions regarding this card please contact me I will be happy to help you in any way. Please feel free to copy this template for your personal use or for class purposes.

Happy card crafting!   Sheila








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India Style Box Card

This is my favorite Box Card yet! It is my version of India Style and inspired by Elaine at Magic Boxes, you have to check out her version (the original) it is beautiful. This took me two days to complete but I just love how it turned out, so it was worth every minute. It was a piece commissioned as a birthday card/gift for a very unique girl that loves tattoos and is embarking on a new beginning in life. The gold embossed medallions and images remind me of Henna tattoos. The butterfly’s represent the rebirth or new beginning and the India Style windows I made on here remind me of a Magical Genie’s bottle.


One 12″ x 12″ sheet of card stock (I used Night of Navy from Stampin’ Up)

One 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of Gold foil paper (mine are from Stampin’ Up 12″x 12″ gold foil sheets)

One 12″x 12″ sheet of black glitter paper (mine is from last years Stampin’ Up Holiday catalog but is now discontinued) I recently found some at Hobby Lobby.


Embossing powder – Gold

Versa Mark embossing pad

Stamp set with floral, filigree, and medallions

Framelit, thinlit, or punches


Windowsheet (Stampin’ Up)

Adhesive (I used Tombow multipurpose glue)

If you would like step by step instructions please contact me and I would be happy to send you the pattern and instructions as to how I made my “India Box”.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope this box inspires you to try making one today or at least coming back to visit me soon!

Love, Sheila