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Today it actually looks like fall, so it has gotten me in the mood to finish up a couple more fall projects for the arts and antiques sale in a couple of weeks. I have been able to get pretty much everything done for the show in the last couple months. I won’t panic until next week when I am down to the last minute, and then it is really going to be freak out time…maybe not!

Things seem to have come together quite well for the show this year, despite all the obstacles that have been thrown in our way . I totally recommend prayer because it really does work!

Speaking of obstacles our most recent one has been saving the life of our 11 year old girl fur baby. The last couple of weeks we have been taking turns feeding her by hand and giving her fresh water all day. We almost lost her and the only way we were able to bring her back to life was to feed her a high protein, high calorie diet.

Two and a half weeks ago we took her to the vets for her follow up on her hyperthyroidism and the medication she was taking for that. They weighed her and she had lost weight again. They wanted to test her urine again and do another blood test, so we agreed.  They took her to the back and when she came out she was all hunkered down and putting her butt on the table, she was traumatized. She didn’t do that the last time we were there 30 days earlier when they did all those same tests. I knew something was wrong from the minute I saw her, but they kept saying she was fine that she might be like that for a few hours, but she would be fine. She wasn’t because for the rest of the day she hid behind the couch and wouldn’t eat or drink anything.

That night she began to bleed out her back end and soaked the bath mat in our bathroom. She wouldn’t even move after that. I called the vets but they were closed and they don’t have an emergency hospital here. We did call the nearest veterinary hospital an hour away and they said to bring her in immediately, but when I told the girl how far away we lived she kinda hesitated. She finally said the best thing is to bring her in but under the circumstances if we could keep her alive until morning and take her to her vet first thing in the morning. I immediately went into survival/emergency mode. No time to fall apart now I had to keep her alive.

Needless to say I was up all night with her giving her water with an eye dropper and praying. She did stop bleeding shortly after we got off the phone with the Veterinary hospital. By morning she hadn’t improved, so I called the vet first thing. The Dr. said her tests showed her liver was shutting down and she had protein in her kidneys. The Vet wanted to put her on an IV, medication, do surgery, more follow ups, more medication, hospitalize her, etc., etc.. I fell apart!

All I could think about as the Dr. was talking is the trauma our fur baby would go through not understanding what was going on. Being away from me she would have gotten worse not better. She is Tonkinese and I belong to her. She doesn’t do well when I am not around her for long periods of time, ever since she was kidnapped a couple years ago. She is very leery around strangers now.

I did not like the idea of surgery or all the medication. We try to give our cats the most natural, healthy food, chemical free environment and healthy lifestyle. We try to live our lives that way, so shouldn’t our cats be living that way as well?

Another big factor is that my husband and are not financially wealthy by all means, and all that would have cost a lot more than we could afford. So, I asked the vet for a more natural alternative and cost effective way to helping our fur baby get back to herself. She said that we would have to feed her foods high in calories and vitamins like kitten food, and feed her like every hour. But she still wanted us to bring our fur baby back in for more tests and to give her a new thyroid medication.

My husband went to PetSmart and asked one of the workers for help. He said that he had three different people assisting him when he told them why he was there. They were so attentive and each person was knowledgeable about the items that they handed him. He came home with a feeding syringe, four cans of kitten food, and this awesome miracle gel food that I believe saved her life. That Booster Gel was the miracle that turned our fur baby around. After only a couple feedings we could already see the life back in her eyes.

The process has been long, but our fur baby is almost back to her old self again. She has been eating on her own for the last week, about every two hours now, and drinking water regularly.

She only gets fresh meat that I cook (or the rotisserie chicken my husband picked up at Sam’s Club) and prepare for her. She still likes her High Calorie Booster Gel as a snack/treat. She gets half a can of kitten food that she munches on all night and she has started to eat a little bit of her crunchy food in the last couple of days.

I will forever be thankful for the employees at PetSmart for helping my husband that morning and treating him with dignity, respect and compassion. Yes, our fur baby is an animal. Anyone who has a pet knows that they are just as much a member of the family as all the humans. So when they get sick, injured or die it still hurts the same as if they were a human family member. Those employees at PetSmart saw that and understood that when they were helping my husband.

Thank you for reading through this long post. I am sorry for not posting anything the last couple weeks, but as you can see we have been kinda preoccupied. Here are some pictures I took of our fur baby yesterday.

Takara recoveringTK recov




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Something to make you laugh…

I just had to share with you this really cute picture of Jax and hopefully it will make you laugh or at least bring a smile to your face.

8-31-2017 001
Jax sleeping

He was helping me in the craft room and just wore himself out. He doesn’t snore but he does sleep with his tongue sticking out, it is so cute.

We sometimes forget that he is still a baby until moments like this.

Have a great Monday!



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Jax Just Chillin’

8-5-2017 012

This is one of Jax’s favorite spots to sleep while I am working in my craft room. As you can see he is barely fitting in this basket anymore, more evidence in this next picture.

8-5-2017 013

See what I mean? he is hanging over the side. I really don’t know how he can be comfortable in there, but he is. Luckily he does not shed, maybe when he gets a little bigger he will. These are all the dish cloths that I crochet and will have to be washed before I take them to the craft show, or maybe I will just keep them for Jax to sleep on.

We started letting Jax go outside with Takara and Sheba in the mornings, just the last few days, and he thinks that is the most awesome adventure ever. He walks around the back patio and has only ventured as far as the one side of the house in the shade, so far. This morning we let him go outside all by himself with Takara (normally my husband and/or I are out there with them) and we watched them through the window. Takara was right beside him the whole time, she did not let him out of her sight as she took him off the patio and towards the other side of the house where she likes to hang out. He did not like that side of the house because there was sun over there and it was already hot outside, so he came back over to the patio and just flopped himself down like he had done a 20 mile hike in the desert. They were only outside maybe 10 minutes but when we saw Jax start breathing with his mouth open my husband said it was time for him to come in. Jax on the other hand still wanted to stay outside so my husband had to go grab him and bring him in, Takara came in on her own.

Ever since we started letting him go outside in the mornings we have noticed that he hasn’t been as rambunctious or ornery. Just like a human child if you let them run and play and wear themselves out they will sleep better and be more mellow. Takara has really been appreciating this change in him as well, since she is mostly the one he is rambunctious with.

We have the bug man coming to spray this Saturday so that will be fun for Jax. Last time the kid came Jax followed him around and had to watch everything he did. When the kid put the canister down Jax was over there attacking it like it was the enemy. Anything different in his routine is something to get excited about.

He is such a curious little guy so not much really scares him but he is cautious, which I am thankful for. Just like with a human child we have to put up or out of sight everything we don’t want him to get into. Cupboards are a new thing to him now too, so we have to make sure that we close all cupboards doors almost as soon as we open them because he is lightning fast and will slip in before we even see him. A couple times we have heard him crying but didn’t see him and as we kept calling for him he would cry and by following his voice we have found him in our closet, bathroom cabinet, pantry, linen closet and in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. Luckily he hasn’t figured out how to open doors or cupboards yet like both Sheba and Takara, although I am sure it is only a matter of time before they teach him.

So I hope that you enjoyed the update and pictures of Jax, I will keep you updated as he grows.  There definitely is never a dull moment in our house and I wouldn’t change it for the world, because out cats bring us so much entertainment and unconditional love.

Be sure to go give your fur baby/babies some love right now and have a great day!



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Four Weeks and Counting…

I have been trying to take pictures of Jackson every week so that we can share them with all of you. He is growing up so fast, not just physically, but he is learning from us and his new sisters the rules of the house, our routines, and Takara is teaching him how to fight.

Jax figured out how to get up here on my desk in my craft room this last week. Here he is this afternoon napping right in the middle of my desk while I was working on my cards. Yes, he is so cute while he is asleep, but about an hour after this picture was taken he became a total hellion. He climbed on the shelves on the wall behind my work table and proceeded to knock things off and even tore off a leaf from my plant (it’s an animal friendly plant, meaning not toxic to them). I got him down from there and then he went in and started picking on his sisters, (Sheba and Takara) then he came back to my craft room and started getting into everything. So since my craft room does not have a door I had to improvise and create a make shift baby gate (an empty TV box and two empty Stampin’ Up boxes on top) to keep him out. It worked and he finally settled down and played with his toys until he fell asleep again.

Oh my goodness, this little boy can eat! He hasn’t really gotten any fatter but he does love to eat and he even try’s to eat people food. We have been putting him in his room (our guest room and the room he stayed in for the first few days he was with us), or the bathroom while we eat our meals. The cats have an automatic food dispenser for their crunchy food so they can eat that all day and then we give them their soft food at night. The girls don’t really eat all that much during the summer months but they do drink a lot more water, this guy eats as much or more than the girls and drinks water like it’s going to all be gone tomorrow. My husband just keeps saying “well he is a growing boy”!

Well thank you for reading my babble and I hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

All you fellow Arizonian’s we are in for a very hot week and the news is saying that we are under a heat advisory, so stay hydrated, don’t go out during the day if you don’t have to, don’t take your pets out and if they are outside make sure they have a cool place to escape to, and LOTS OF WATER.

Have a great week!



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Three Weeks…

Time is just flying by! Our little guy has been with us for three weeks now and has totally turned our house upside down. He is not afraid of anything and gets into everything. Our two older cats have been so good with him, but at times you can see their patience has gone bye bye. Here are some new pictures of our handsome little fellow.

6-4-17 011
Jackson’s favorite place to be, right next to me in my craft room.
6-4-17 015
Dinner time…all three of them eat together.
6-4-17 019
These two (the oldest and youngest) like to clean the plate.
6-13-17 001
What? I don’t have anything under my paws.
6-13-17 002
Wow, how did that get there?
6-13-17 005
Getting ready for his nap with his napping buddy.
6-13-17 007
Gotta chew on the buddy and attack it a few times first.
6-13-17 008
Posing so cute!

Jackson is now almost three months old and is filling out quite well. He is losing his baby fuzz and is getting his real fur, it is so sad! He has this long, very demanding, high pitched cry that really gets your attention and melts your heart (he uses that cry when he wants something). He loves brooms and will come out of a sound sleep if he hears us get in the broom closet. He will lay on top of the dust mop and ride around chewing on the dust mop, the two girl cats just watch him in awe (or disgust not quite sure). He jumps like a flying monkey, it really is amazing how far and high he can jump for as little as he is…visual thought…Lion pouncing on his prey! I wonder if that is what he sees himself as when he is jumping like that (the lion not the monkey)? LOL…

Jackson gets to go back to the Humane Society next month for his rabies shot and final check up. He was too young to get his rabies shot with all of his other vaccinations before we got him, so they asked us to bring him back in July when he would be over the three month age requirement for rabies shot. Not looking forward to that visit.

My husband wants to start getting Jackson used to riding in a vehicle so tomorrow we are going to take Jax out for a ride, probably only around the corner but it’s a start. We are also going to start getting him used to wearing a leash so we can take him for rides and not worry about him running off when we open the doors. I will keep you posted on his progress.

Thank you for stopping by.



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New Addition

As you all know our 16 year old boy fur baby passed away in Dec., 2016. Since then we have been on the fence about getting another cat. We already have a Tonkinese that is 10 years old and her name is Takara, plus our boys biological sister Sheba who is 16 years old. What we have read about the Tonkinese though is that they need companionship, and if they don’t have another cat to play with then they can get depressed.

Our boy Zues and our baby girl Takara were very close, they used to spend a lot of time together hunting, patrolling the yard and neighborhood, they would even sleep near each other, and they loved to play king of the mountain or chase one another around the house. When our boy was sick (before we even knew he was sick) she would always go and check on him while he was sleeping, he would wake up look up at her and then lay back down, then she would walk away knowing he was alright. Needless to say she has been missing Zues and has been a lot more clingy with me (which I don’t mind at all because I love to cuddle her), so we knew she was needing a play mate, someone she could pal around with. Sheba thinks that she is human so she isn’t very friendly with Takara.

In Feb. 2017 we went to our local Humane Society to get a kitten but they did not have any at that time so we left our names and phone number with the lady in charge of the cat area. We could tell she really loves her job of taking care of the cats, she knew the history of each of the cats, and was very thorough about the adoption process just so we knew what we were getting into. We both really liked her and we knew she would call. Sure enough she did… after we had given up and thought that maybe it was for the best we didn’t get the call.

On May 24, 2017 we got the call that they had some male kittens in and that they had all been neutered, were we still interested? My husband, of course, said “YES”. That afternoon he had to go to work so he asked me to go pick out one of the kittens and bring it home. First I went to Pet Smart and got a little litter box just for him, some soft kitten food, some crunchy kitten food, two big tubs of litter (the girls needed their litter changed too), and a fuzzy cuddle toy. Then I headed out to the Humane Society to get our little boy. As soon as I walked through the door that nice lady recognized me and took me straight to the kittens. She said that they had a total of eight brought in the week before and we were adopting the fourth one so that made me feel good, because at least they were getting adopted. Below is a picture of our little guy on his third day with us.

5-27-17 003

Yep, he is already my husbands cat! Isn’t he the cutest little thing? He is so curious and isn’t afraid of anything (even his sisters). We really have to watch him because he gets into everything, it’s really like having a human baby in the house. We have not really slept very well the last four nights, because we are taking turns sleeping in his room with him. We are slowly letting him explore the house so the girls can get used to his scent but we have to leave him in his room at night for his safety and so the girls can still have their space. The girls have been really good with the adjustment. Sheba keeps her distance and just watches him, but then again she does the same thing with Takara because to her they are just mere animals. Takara on the other hand has really taken an interest in him. This morning was the first time that they actually played next to each other and watched the birds through the sliding glass door next to each other. Takara was watching him play around under the dining room table while I was doing the dishes and when he tried to go in another area she hissed at him as to say “no you stay here”, so he went back to playing under the table. I am so proud of her and how she is accepting him so well, after all we did get him for her.

This little guy really has stirred things up in our household, but we needed it and we are so grateful to have this new addition we call Jackson and Jax for short. I will post new pictures and keep you updated on Jackson’s progress as he continues to settle in and grow up.

Celebrate Memorial Day for those that have given their lives serving this country. Fore it is their day, not ours!



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My Baby

Here are a few pictures of my baby helping me just a few hours before she was stolen from us last week.

She escaped and came back to us on Sunday, but I was a total wreck the whole four days that she was gone. My husband and I both had faith that she would come back to us because we know she is smart, a great escape artist and we believe in the power of prayer. She is doing fine and is laying in my arms right now as I am typing. I have recovered as well! I have been smothering her with more kisses than usual, so far she hasn’t minded it a bit!

Have a blessed day.