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These 100% cotton tote bags are awesome, versatile and easy to wash. 

Use them as a grocery tote, beach bag, book tote, store floaties and pool toys for drying. You get the idea, just anything that you would use a plastic bag for you can use this tote and save the environment as well.

As listed above they are all 100% cotton yarn so they are machine washable and dryer safe. I have already washed all of these bags to ensure no shrinkage or bleeding of colors. 

Each tote expands and can hold quite a bit just depending on how much you can carry. The handles are long so that you can use it as an across your body tote. Using the tote this way also helps to distribute the weight of what you are carrying, thus for it does not put undue stress on one shoulder or the other. 

In short this tote is very environmentally and ergonomically safe as well as being quite economical. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab one today and if you don’t see a color you like contact me and I will be glad to make one in the color of your choice. 

I have five totes of my own that I just leave in the back seat of my car so that they are ready to use every time I go to the grocery store. Once a month (unless something spills or leaks out on them) I wash them all together, they do not shrink, colors do not bleed, and they have not frayed. I have had three of them for 5 years now and the other two are about 2 1/2 years old. I love them! 

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