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Happy New Year

So it is better late than never to wish you all a Happy New Year, at least it is still January.

How has everyone been? I hope that you all are working hard on your New Year’s resolutions still! I have heard several times on the radio and also read an article recently that said most people that make New Year’s resolutions only stick to them for the first two weeks and then they give up. That is why I don’t make a New Year’s resolution.

Well if you haven’t noticed I have been sort of busy, there are a few new things in the shop, be sure to check out the Valentine’s Day items. I have also started my new Twitch channel that I stream live every day and that keeps me busy and on track with my projects. Be sure to stop by say “hi” and hit the follow button. Once I hit 50 followers on Twitch we are going to have a drawing, and three lucky people will receive something hand made by me.

Still feeding Takara her boiled chicken every two hours, and she is doing great still alive and as ornery as ever. Jackson keeps growing, I think he is going to be the size of a small Bob Cat when he is done. Even with his size he is still afraid of all 13 of the females in his pride. It is funny as soon as Jackson goes out front the female cats start surrounding him and take turns rubbing up against him and talking to him. Poor boy just stands there all confused as to what he is supposed to do and then he takes off for his bush and hides there until my husband gets him out.

The girls outside (Jackson’s pride) are getting so healthy looking, now that we and the neighbor across the street are are feeding them on a regular basis. We feed the girls in the evening and the neighbor feeds them in the morning and believe me those girls know which house to be at at what time.

Yeah my life is so exciting all I have to talk about is cat’s, crafting and weather. LOL….aren’t you so glad you started following me?

Well, one real exciting thing that has happened! The New 2019 Stampin’ Up! Occasions and Celebration Catalogs are out so if you are interested in receiving the set please let me know and I will be happy to send one out to you. If you already have a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator please contact them for a set.

Be sure to check out the three flyers on the Front Page of my site for a sneak peak of the awesome opportunities, offers and options that are being given during this time until March 31, 2019. Please contact me if you have any questions, would like to host a Stampin’ Up! party/workshop/class, if you want to place an order or if you would like to sign up as a Demonstrator.

Alright, it is time for me to go get a couple hours of shut eye before I have to get up and pack “hubbies” lunch and send him off to work. Then I have to do my Friday household chores before I start streaming.

Good morning all!



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Happy Thanksgiving….

Hello everyone, just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you and your families this Holiday Season.

This year I made the mistake of waiting until today (two days before Thanksgiving) to go get everything for Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn’t too bad this afternoon, but patience isn’t my virtue when I am in a hurry. Good thing my husband was with me to make light of everything, which kept me calm.

My husband and I are going to have a quiet dinner together and then he will probably watch his football. I on the other hand have three different orders I got over the weekend that I need to get started on.

Speaking of last weekend, oh my goodness we had so much fun. This last weekend was the November show at the The Big Tin Cotton Gin, and it was beautiful outside. We had a few repeat customers from last month, last season and even met a few newcomers that plan to come back.

I did really well in sales and only have a few Christmas items left so the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy trying to restock everything and make more new stuff. Plus I have three really big orders that have to be done before the first of Dec.. No pressure! Actually I love having this kind of pressure it makes the blood flow and the brain works faster (when you get my age that is really important, it means your still alive), LOL……

Any who, things on the home front have been busy, fun, hectic, and you know just normal for us. Everyone has their own level of normal, so that is why I say “for us”.

Oh, have to tell you this cute story about Jackson. Well you all know about his little “pride” of female stray cats out front, right? There are 11 females that he has in “pride” and they all love him. He actually fronted off a neighbors lab that was running down the street towards them one day, although my husband was right there to grab him and put him in the house before anything happened. It was funny because Jackson just stood in the middle of the street while all the girls scattered, and the dog just stopped in front of him all surprised that he didn’t run too. It actually looked like the dog wanted to play with Jackson but my husband didn’t want to take the chance.

Jackson actually takes his duties of protecting his “pride” very seriously as well as keeping them in line. One night my husband went out to feed the girls and one of the older ones began to hiss at my husband before he even put the food down, Jackson ran over and got between my husband and her and proceeded to chase her away. So she didn’t get to eat with the rest that night, and that female has never hissed at my husband or I again.

Takara is doing really well with her high protein diet and is almost herself again. She just needs to gain a little more weight, but otherwise she is just as ornery as ever. She knows her eating schedule and she makes sure we don’t forget either, every two hours on the dot.

Well that just about covers everything for now. If you want to chit chat with me while I am crafting the next few weeks come on over to my Twitch Channel and say hi. I would love the company and then you can see what I am working on as well. I stream Monday – Friday 3 pm – 11 pm except holidays. I haven’t made any new You Tube videos recently but I still have the old ones listed and I plan to make a couple new ones soon.

Many, many thanks for reading this post, for following me and for your feedback. I really do appreciate all of you who have stuck with me these last few years and all my new followers. I love you all and wouldn’t be as inspired to continue this site if it weren’t for all of you. Thank You!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!



P.S. Please say an extra prayer this Thanksgiving for all those in California that have lost a loved one, all those that lost their homes, the people that are helping the displaced, all the firefighters, police, and emergency personnel. These fires were devastating and now they are going to have the rains to contend with.


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Jackson Keeping Watch

It has been a long time since I have done an update on our handsome little man Jackson, so I thought that I would take some pictures of him today and share them with all of you.

This is where Jackson has been all day and still is right now this evening. It’s a good thing I decided to just do stuff on the computer today because there isn’t much room for me to do any crafting up here that’s for sure.

Here is a picture I took of him just now.


Doesn’t he look so peaceful?

He is a very big boy, not at all fat just muscular and tall. He actually towers over Takara now and is quite a bit stronger than her now. Since she taught him how to fight, he is now ninja fast and sneaky just like her. Sometimes when they are playing she will get mad at him because he hasn’t learned the safe word yet, even though she is yelling it at him very loudly.

We have always given him time outs when he is bad (like picking relentlessly on Takara), or he starts throwing a fit by tearing things up that don’t belong to him (my head bands, hair ties, any of our papers left out) or getting into things he knows he shouldn’t (my house plants, or the trashcans in the house). Usually time out is only five maybe ten minutes but when we open the door he is always just waking up and just looks at us like “what? is it time to come out already, I just went to sleep?”

Now, just recently, I have caught him putting himself in time out a couple times. Once when Takara really walloped him during one of their playing sessions and the second time just the other day when I got on to him and told him he was being a bad boy. The funny thing is I didn’t even realize he had gone to his room until about half an hour later when I was looking for him (because it was so quiet), and there he was sleeping on his blanket by the window.

Maybe this means he has learned that the women of the house rule. Or maybe he is just going through a growth spurt and he needs his rest. But then again my husband has been taking him outside the last few mornings before it gets too hot, so he can air out his furry little britches. That could be why he is a little sluggish in the afternoon.

I think since we have raised all our cats from tiny babies, that they learn our habits, the different tones in our voices (if not actual words we say), they know our routine and they know how to manipulate us to get what they want. So that is why we treat them more like human/kids.

Oh, gotta tell you this, almost forgot.

The other day my husband was going out front so he decided to take Jackson with him. Well, we have a few stray cats that live in our neighborhood that are about the same age as Jackson. A couple of them have decided to take up residence on our front porch during the day because it is shaded and cool (plus we have been putting water out there for them). My husband went around the house to the front door to get the water dish (because he didn’t want Jackson drinking out of it) with Jackson in tow.

As Jackson came around the corner he saw the kittens and they saw him, immediately all the tales got fluffy but no one got aggressive. The one kitten took off and went and hid under the tree and the other one kinda hissed and then got in a submissive position in front of Jackson. Jackson sniffed the other cat for a minute, then he relaxed and then they just sat next to each other by the Oleander Bush/Shrub.

It was so cute to see our boy making friends, but we do not encourage him to hang out with the outside cats. That is why one of is always outside with him and mostly only in the backyard because the kittens (we call them kittens even though they are the same age as Jackson, they are half his size) are in the front yard.

Well Takara is telling me it is time for bed so I guess I should listen. The boy has toddled off somewhere, so this is a good time for me to wrap things up and bid you all a good night until next time.




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I couldn’t resist taking these pictures and sharing them with all of you. I think that Jackson looks so cute when he looks out the window with his big paws on the window sill, doesn’t it remind you of a little kid looking out the window?

The next few pictures he is actually in the window watching the birds in the tree right outside the window and then they would fly up on the roof of the house. He was having a blast watching them from this point of view.

Ok, these next few pictures were taken around Christmas time of Jax on my desk one evening “helping” me.



Now this is how Jackson sleep’s on my husbands desk.

Now who spoils them? Normally Sheba is sleeping on the green towel right next to Jax and they know which towel is theirs.

Isn’t he getting so big? We just love him so much and he is so loving right back. Can you believe that next month he is going to be one year old in human years. We have been trying to think of what to do special for him for his birthday but haven’t really thought of anything real exciting yet.

So, here is what I came up with….YOU! I would like to enlist you to come up with a birthday party and gifts fit for our handsome little prince. My husband just suggested that we catch a bird and give it to him…now do you see why I am asking for your help? Please leave a comment below or email me at your ideas, I would greatly appreciate the help and I will definitely give credit to the person/person’s who’s ideas we use. I will also take pictures to share with all of you his one year birthday celebration.

Well, it is beautiful outside, my husband just fixed us lunch and is waiting for me out on the patio. Have a great day everyone!





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Jax in The Box

Here is a cute video I took of Jax “helping me” (his version).

I was trying out the new card rack so I was taking all the cards from the box and putting them on the rack and Jax thought that once the box was empty it was his. We had such a laugh, I just had to share it with you…enjoy!

This is a short post but I wanted to share this video and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, I hope that you have a blessed day with your family and friends.




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Something to make you laugh…

I just had to share with you this really cute picture of Jax and hopefully it will make you laugh or at least bring a smile to your face.

8-31-2017 001
Jax sleeping

He was helping me in the craft room and just wore himself out. He doesn’t snore but he does sleep with his tongue sticking out, it is so cute.

We sometimes forget that he is still a baby until moments like this.

Have a great Monday!



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Jax Just Chillin’

8-5-2017 012

This is one of Jax’s favorite spots to sleep while I am working in my craft room. As you can see he is barely fitting in this basket anymore, more evidence in this next picture.

8-5-2017 013

See what I mean? he is hanging over the side. I really don’t know how he can be comfortable in there, but he is. Luckily he does not shed, maybe when he gets a little bigger he will. These are all the dish cloths that I crochet and will have to be washed before I take them to the craft show, or maybe I will just keep them for Jax to sleep on.

We started letting Jax go outside with Takara and Sheba in the mornings, just the last few days, and he thinks that is the most awesome adventure ever. He walks around the back patio and has only ventured as far as the one side of the house in the shade, so far. This morning we let him go outside all by himself with Takara (normally my husband and/or I are out there with them) and we watched them through the window. Takara was right beside him the whole time, she did not let him out of her sight as she took him off the patio and towards the other side of the house where she likes to hang out. He did not like that side of the house because there was sun over there and it was already hot outside, so he came back over to the patio and just flopped himself down like he had done a 20 mile hike in the desert. They were only outside maybe 10 minutes but when we saw Jax start breathing with his mouth open my husband said it was time for him to come in. Jax on the other hand still wanted to stay outside so my husband had to go grab him and bring him in, Takara came in on her own.

Ever since we started letting him go outside in the mornings we have noticed that he hasn’t been as rambunctious or ornery. Just like a human child if you let them run and play and wear themselves out they will sleep better and be more mellow. Takara has really been appreciating this change in him as well, since she is mostly the one he is rambunctious with.

We have the bug man coming to spray this Saturday so that will be fun for Jax. Last time the kid came Jax followed him around and had to watch everything he did. When the kid put the canister down Jax was over there attacking it like it was the enemy. Anything different in his routine is something to get excited about.

He is such a curious little guy so not much really scares him but he is cautious, which I am thankful for. Just like with a human child we have to put up or out of sight everything we don’t want him to get into. Cupboards are a new thing to him now too, so we have to make sure that we close all cupboards doors almost as soon as we open them because he is lightning fast and will slip in before we even see him. A couple times we have heard him crying but didn’t see him and as we kept calling for him he would cry and by following his voice we have found him in our closet, bathroom cabinet, pantry, linen closet and in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. Luckily he hasn’t figured out how to open doors or cupboards yet like both Sheba and Takara, although I am sure it is only a matter of time before they teach him.

So I hope that you enjoyed the update and pictures of Jax, I will keep you updated as he grows. ┬áThere definitely is never a dull moment in our house and I wouldn’t change it for the world, because out cats bring us so much entertainment and unconditional love.

Be sure to go give your fur baby/babies some love right now and have a great day!