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3-7-2018 003

Aren’t they just gorgeous? LOL…..NOT!

Last night my friend K. and I went to a cookie decorating class and these are the cookies that I decorated, minus one because my husband had to try one right away.

We had a lot of fun and met a lot of wonderful ladies. But as far as ever being a professional cookie decorator I don’t think that I passed that part of the class, so I will just leave that to Bonnie Adams our instructor and co-owner of Inspired Sugar. Please go check out their website and while you are there be sure to order some of their delicious  sugar cookies. My husband said that he really liked these cookies because they weren’t really sugary sweet but just enough sweetness not to make you sick. I haven’t tried them because I have eliminated sweets from my menu, due to my diabetes, at least for now anyway.

They had a few different drawings for some really neat prizes and the very first drawing they had I won and this is what I got.

3-7-2018-2 001

It makes a 1- 4″ cookie in the shape of a whimsical cake. I immediately thought of polymer clay and Alice in Wonderland. So who knows, you might see cookies or a clay craft project soon using this set.

To receive this gift was a complete surprise, because I rarely ever win anything, so I am going to cherish this for a long time. Thank you Bonnie!

One thing that I realized last night after the class was that I crave the learning. Is that weird? Let me explain what I mean. 1. I find that learning something new at my age is a little intimidating and sometimes takes a little longer to catch on, but I love the challenge. 2. Doing or learning something outside my comfort zone is at times very difficult but  good because it helps me grow and be more diverse. 3. I find that being around artistic/ crafty people it is very inspiring, quite spiritual and always fun. 4. Life is about learning and I have a long ways to go yet so I have a lot more to learn. There you have it, that’s not too weird.

Hopefully no matter what your passion you will continue to learn and challenge yourself to be a better person and grow with your knowledge and determination. Every company, corporation, and business was started from the heart. Because someone believed in their dream and challenged themselves to learn and grow with the business. Believe in your dream and above all else believe in yourself.

So, to end this post I would like to thank Dira Reeves for hosting this class and Bonnie Adams for taking the time to come teach this class to all of us. I had a good time meeting and networking with other fun, artistic and crafty ladies.





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