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Well the last couple weeks have been very painful, shocking and quite a learning experience for me and my husband.

So to fill you all in, two weeks ago on Jan. 9, 2018, I felt a little lump on my lower back by my spine I didn’t think anything of it at the time. A couple days later it was a little sore so I had my husband look at it and he said it looked like someone had punched me in the back because it was all black and blue and swollen. He told me then that I needed to go to the Dr. and I blew it off because it didn’t bother me that bad. By the next day Friday Jan. 12, I gave in to my husband and conceded to going to the Dr. because the pain was worse and my husband said that it looked even worse.

Now looking back on this adventure it is funny, but at the time we were headed for a divorce. Like most men my husband doesn’t like to stop and ask for directions, and of course he didn’t think to look up the address online before we left the house or even call to get directions to the hospital. I have been to the Chandler Regional Hospital exactly one time more than my husband, but it has been like 10 years since the last time I was up there, and a lot has changed in the area since then. I was in so much pain I couldn’t think straight, I could feel every bump in the road like a shock of electricity going through my body with a burning, raw flesh feeling to follow (to tell the truth it was a worse pain than 21 hours of labor and then having an emergency c-section). Through all that and my husband expected me to remember exactly how to get to the hospital. I thought that I could remember but we got lost and then it was all my fault. So a one hour trip turned into a three hour trip with me crying and talking very loudly (I don’t yell anymore because it doesn’t work, being very quiet and not saying anything tends to really get their attention) requesting that he just pull over and get directions. About an hour and a half into the trip he finally did pull over and he got out to get the directions, oh my goodness! Instead of asking the girl exactly which street to get back out on and to turn right or left, she just pointed and said “to go up that way a couple blocks and turn”, we were at a four way corner and she was inside the building. We were lost again. Another 45 minutes of that and I was losing it badly the pain was so excruciating, I convinced my husband to pull over again so I could get out and get the directions this time. We got the directions and were there in 10 minutes. We had to end up waiting for another four hours in the waiting room before we saw a Dr., but I was out of the vehicle and off the road thank goodness. It was quite interesting the people that come into an emergency room and all the commotion, that is another story for another time.

So they did a C.A.T. scan of me and found something round like a little ball next to my spine which concerned them because of the location. The two Dr.’s attending me decided to call a surgeon and get another opinion as to how to proceed. The surgeon decided that it looked like it was just a sebaceous cyst and that the Dr.’s there could remove it with a local anesthetic. They removed the cyst, packed the incision with gauze, and sent me home with instructions to return on Monday (this was already Saturday morning) to have the packing removed and the incision looked at to make sure it was healing. I was also informed that I had full blown type 2 diabetes.

Sunday it was still hurting and the pain had come all the way around my ribs to the front. So when we went back up there on Monday the Dr. took a look at the incision, examined me and immediately admitted me into the hospital. That afternoon they took me into surgery and made another incision on my back to remove two more cysts that were deeper down in my back and all the little vines that had grown from the first one that had been removed (or so we thought). They were concerned, because of the diabetes the infection had spread so quickly, that they wanted to make sure that they got it all this time. They put me on a couple really strong antibiotics, diabetic medication, and pain medication for the next four days I was in the hospital.

I came home Thursday evening Jan. 18, 2018, loaded down with blood pressure medication, aspirin for blood clotting, diabetic pills and insulin, 2 different antibiotics, pain medication and two 3″ wide open incisions on my back that my husband has to unpack, clean and repack every day. My husband said that the first incision was about 3″ deep and the second incision was about 5″ deep when we first came home, but now they are healing up slowly so they aren’t quite as deep. This morning I finished my last two antibiotics and the Dr. took me off my blood pressure medication when I went to see her on Tuesday Jan. 23, 2018, and she said that if my blood sugars stay this good then we might get to take me off the insulin in a couple weeks and just do the pills.

My husband has been awesome through all this and has even gotten on board with my eating schedule, portion control, and sleeping schedule. This whole experience has been really quite scary for both of us in the fact of how quickly everything happened and how being diabetic is very serious. We are learning a whole new life style and have actually been enjoying planning and preparing our meals together. Next week we start our exercise program of walking around our neighborhood every day together until I can start doing my yoga again as well. My goal is to be diabetic free by this time next year. This goal is realistic from what I have read and by what my Dr. has told me, because diabetes is preventable and curable by diet, exercise and proper vitamins. With determination and fear behind me I will do this.

Thank you all for sticking with me to the end of this long post, my hope is that maybe you came away with a little knowledge about diabetes and how very seriously dangerous it can be to the body when untreated properly, whether unknowingly or knowingly. I will post more information about diabetes in another post and keep you updated on my recovery progress. Also don’t disregard what your body tells you, you know your own body, so if you hurt or don’t feel just right go to the Dr., something simple can turn into something serious if untreated.

Thank God for every little thing in your life today, because tomorrow isn’t certain.



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  1. I was just getting ready to call as I have numerous times to see how you are. Glad for the update. Hope you have a speedy recovery with no problems. Just take it easy. If you need anything I’ll do my best to help.

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    1. Thank you Marilyn. I am so thankful for your friendship and generosity. Luckily I have Ed here to help, since they cut his hours.

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