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Welcome to 2018

So how have you all been? How was your holidays? I hope that everyone enjoyed time with their family and friends making memories. My husband and I had a busy holiday season but it was a fun busy and we had a wonderful Christmas together. My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and I got exactly what I wanted. Below are some pictures of what I got for Christmas this year.

We moved my craft room upstairs (I will post pictures of that in another post) and painted the downstairs den and entryway, hung up new curtains in the den/my office and moved the living room around so that now it is a formal sitting area again. My husband taped everything off for me and I did all the painting, I think we did a pretty good job. I still have to get some frames for a couple of my husbands charcoal drawings I want to hang in there and finish painting that ugly brown cabinet, but other than that the room is done.

Here are the before pictures.

Now I am waiting for my husband to ask me what I want for my birthday in a couple months. Hint: There is only one room left downstairs and it is going to be the biggest project. I think he is deep down hoping that he gets a full time job really soon that allows him to work over time again, so he doesn’t have to help me with my “projects”.

I didn’t decorate the house for Christmas this year because of the little guy, I knew he would just destroy a Christmas tree or anything that we put out. Next year he will be older and hopefully more mellow or at least out of his destructive phase.

All three of the cats got spoiled by their Aunt and Uncle from “across the pond” as they do every year, but this year I forgot to take pictures as they opened their gifts ( I am so sorry). I think it was because we were so excited to see Jackson’s reaction to his first Christmas present, that we both totally spaced the fact that we didn’t have the camera with us. They each got a toy and yummy treats that they all loved. Jackson has since hoarded all the toys and gets very upset when the girls mess with “his” toys – he really doesn’t share well.

Well, it is getting late and Takara is curled up right in front of me laying across the bottom half of my laptop and my arms as I am trying to type, she wants me to go to bed. This is her way of saying “ok, see me now? I am more important than this thing you are looking at and typing on.” She is getting really annoyed that I am moving my hands around the keyboard and is starting to stretch out more as if to try and grab my fingers, there goes the tail. Gotta go before she starts biting.

Goodnight all..






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