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Paper Pumpkin Holiday Kits

Check out this video for the October and November Paper Pumpkin kits.

October and November Paper Pumpkin kits

If you are on the fence about committing to card making and other paper projects because of space, money, time or not know where to start. Paper Pumpkin is the perfect solution, it has all the supplies you will need to complete what ever project they send you each month including the instructions. Plus everything fits in the little box that they are shipped in and you can easily store it in a drawer, on a shelf or under your bed. They are quick and easy to put together, yet they look like you spent hours designing them, so your friends and family will be very impressed when you tell them that you made it just for them.

The other great thing I like about Paper Pumpkin is that you can pause your subscription at any time for any reason and restart it when you are ready. You can also cancel your subscription at any time for any reason with no strings attached, meaning that there are no hidden fees, penalties or hoops to jump through.

For more information please follow this link Paper Pumpkin and be sure to contact me if you have any questions.

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