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Jax Just Chillin’

8-5-2017 012

This is one of Jax’s favorite spots to sleep while I am working in my craft room. As you can see he is barely fitting in this basket anymore, more evidence in this next picture.

8-5-2017 013

See what I mean? he is hanging over the side. I really don’t know how he can be comfortable in there, but he is. Luckily he does not shed, maybe when he gets a little bigger he will. These are all the dish cloths that I crochet and will have to be washed before I take them to the craft show, or maybe I will just keep them for Jax to sleep on.

We started letting Jax go outside with Takara and Sheba in the mornings, just the last few days, and he thinks that is the most awesome adventure ever. He walks around the back patio and has only ventured as far as the one side of the house in the shade, so far. This morning we let him go outside all by himself with Takara (normally my husband and/or I are out there with them) and we watched them through the window. Takara was right beside him the whole time, she did not let him out of her sight as she took him off the patio and towards the other side of the house where she likes to hang out. He did not like that side of the house because there was sun over there and it was already hot outside, so he came back over to the patio and just flopped himself down like he had done a 20 mile hike in the desert. They were only outside maybe 10 minutes but when we saw Jax start breathing with his mouth open my husband said it was time for him to come in. Jax on the other hand still wanted to stay outside so my husband had to go grab him and bring him in, Takara came in on her own.

Ever since we started letting him go outside in the mornings we have noticed that he hasn’t been as rambunctious or ornery. Just like a human child if you let them run and play and wear themselves out they will sleep better and be more mellow. Takara has really been appreciating this change in him as well, since she is mostly the one he is rambunctious with.

We have the bug man coming to spray this Saturday so that will be fun for Jax. Last time the kid came Jax followed him around and had to watch everything he did. When the kid put the canister down Jax was over there attacking it like it was the enemy. Anything different in his routine is something to get excited about.

He is such a curious little guy so not much really scares him but he is cautious, which I am thankful for. Just like with a human child we have to put up or out of sight everything we don’t want him to get into. Cupboards are a new thing to him now too, so we have to make sure that we close all cupboards doors almost as soon as we open them because he is lightning fast and will slip in before we even see him. A couple times we have heard him crying but didn’t see him and as we kept calling for him he would cry and by following his voice we have found him in our closet, bathroom cabinet, pantry, linen closet and in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. Luckily he hasn’t figured out how to open doors or cupboards yet like both Sheba and Takara, although I am sure it is only a matter of time before they teach him.

So I hope that you enjoyed the update and pictures of Jax, I will keep you updated as he grows.  There definitely is never a dull moment in our house and I wouldn’t change it for the world, because out cats bring us so much entertainment and unconditional love.

Be sure to go give your fur baby/babies some love right now and have a great day!



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  1. So cute! Has his territory picked out for now.😊

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