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Jackson Update

7-18-2017 012
Jax checking human dad’s lunch box to make sure I didn’t forget to put everything in there.
7-18-2017 015
Jax is growing up so fast, look he doesn’t have that little baby face or baby fur anymore.
7-18-2017 017
What are you doing Grandma Sheba?
7-18-2017 018
Oh, are you comfortable now? I think I found your tail. Leave the tail alone, I won’t tell you twice!


7-18-2017 019
This picture came out pretty dark but you can see Jax did not heed Sheba’s warning about the tail issue. She was hissing at him and he skulked away.
7-18-2017 021
He didn’t go far though, just over to the trunk and began to love on this frame for a minute to act like being scolded by Grandma Sheba didn’t hurt his feelings.
7-18-2017 022
Here he is watching Grandma Sheba reposition herself on the back of the couch.
7-18-2017 023
Grandma Sheba watching baby Jax. Isn’t she so pretty? I love her colors, her mama had the same coloring just more muted and she had long hair.
7-18-2017 031
Jax loves playing in the blinds, they can entertain him for half an hour at least.
7-18-2017 032
Since Grandma Sheba’s tail is unavailable to play with I guess this one will do.
7-18-2017 036
Adopted mom Takara keeping a watchful eye on the young one.

These pictures were all taken within a half hour, yeah we are very busy with this little guy.

Oh, almost forgot….in the last post I told you we were taking Jackson to get his rabies shot the next day. So here’s the story about the next morning’s little adventure.

The Humane Society has a twice a month free rabies clinic for the public to bring their pets, and on that Saturday it was from 8 am to 10 am. We got there at 8:15 am the temp. outside was already in the mid 90’s and there were so many people there with big dogs that the line was all the way across the parking lot and going out the front gate. We got out and my husband got in line by the front gate with Jax and I went inside to ask if maybe there was another area we were supposed to take our cat, the answer was no we had to wait in line. When I got back out to my husband he was already saying let’s go before I even told him what they said. He told me that a couple dogs had just gotten into a fight practically right in front of them and Jax was all freaked out, then he told me to feel Jackson’s carrier and it was already warm to the touch and we had only been there what maybe 8 minutes total. At that point we decided that it was way worth the money to just take Jax to the vet and not traumatize the poor little guy anymore.

We got home and I called the vets they scheduled his appointment the following Thursday which was July 13, 2017. He was such a trooper, the vet gave him a complete physical and kept trying to find things wrong with him, but he couldn’t so he kept asking us all kinds of questions. I guess we all passed though because we still have Jax, he got his rabies shot, he got a 100 on his physical, and he now weighs a whopping 4 lbs.

Thank you for sticking with me through this long post. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Have a great week!






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