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Four Weeks and Counting…

I have been trying to take pictures of Jackson every week so that we can share them with all of you. He is growing up so fast, not just physically, but he is learning from us and his new sisters the rules of the house, our routines, and Takara is teaching him how to fight.

Jax figured out how to get up here on my desk in my craft room this last week. Here he is this afternoon napping right in the middle of my desk while I was working on my cards. Yes, he is so cute while he is asleep, but about an hour after this picture was taken he became a total hellion. He climbed on the shelves on the wall behind my work table and proceeded to knock things off and even tore off a leaf from my plant (it’s an animal friendly plant, meaning not toxic to them). I got him down from there and then he went in and started picking on his sisters, (Sheba and Takara) then he came back to my craft room and started getting into everything. So since my craft room does not have a door I had to improvise and create a make shift baby gate (an empty TV box and two empty Stampin’ Up boxes on top) to keep him out. It worked and he finally settled down and played with his toys until he fell asleep again.

Oh my goodness, this little boy can eat! He hasn’t really gotten any fatter but he does love to eat and he even try’s to eat people food. We have been putting him in his room (our guest room and the room he stayed in for the first few days he was with us), or the bathroom while we eat our meals. The cats have an automatic food dispenser for their crunchy food so they can eat that all day and then we give them their soft food at night. The girls don’t really eat all that much during the summer months but they do drink a lot more water, this guy eats as much or more than the girls and drinks water like it’s going to all be gone tomorrow. My husband just keeps saying “well he is a growing boy”!

Well thank you for reading my babble and I hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

All you fellow Arizonian’s we are in for a very hot week and the news is saying that we are under a heat advisory, so stay hydrated, don’t go out during the day if you don’t have to, don’t take your pets out and if they are outside make sure they have a cool place to escape to, and LOTS OF WATER.

Have a great week!



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