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Card Class 6-24-17

Sorry I am getting this post out so late! It has been way busy around here the last few days and this weekend went by so fast…I hope all you Dad’s had a great Father’s Day (that includes fur baby dad’s of course).

I just finished my last card kit and packed my bag for tomorrow’s card challenge with my friend K., we try to do this once a month. What we do is we both have to come up with three different cards or paper project and make the sample, then we have to make two kits for each card or project. Then we plan a day and get together so that we can exchange kits and make the cards and/or projects we created. It really is fun and we both have a great time learning from one another.

This morning, before my first client got here, I finished the last card for the card class on Saturday and took pictures of it so that is another reason that I am late this week. Ok, enough excuses let’s get on with it already….

I designed this one, I wanted something warm almost southwest looking.

I created this one a while back, I just love this Stampin’ Up stamp set.

This was the first time I ever used these stamp sets and framelits and I just love them all. I wanted this card to whimsical yet cheery and I believe it was accomplished.

Alright last but not least….my favorite! I love this worm stamp set, it’s an old Stampin’ Up stamp set but I love it, especially for my box cards. This is the one I finished putting together and taking pictures of this morning.

So now that you all can see what we are going to be making in class on Saturday, June 24, 2017 then sign up so you can come join us! Please go to my Stampin’ Up Website to get more details about the class and to sign up.

Have to cut this short it is getting late and I want to give you all time to sign up. Also the dead line is pushed back a day to Thursday, June 22, 2017.

Have a great rest of the week!





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