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Three Weeks…

Time is just flying by! Our little guy has been with us for three weeks now and has totally turned our house upside down. He is not afraid of anything and gets into everything. Our two older cats have been so good with him, but at times you can see their patience has gone bye bye. Here are some new pictures of our handsome little fellow.

6-4-17 011
Jackson’s favorite place to be, right next to me in my craft room.
6-4-17 015
Dinner time…all three of them eat together.
6-4-17 019
These two (the oldest and youngest) like to clean the plate.
6-13-17 001
What? I don’t have anything under my paws.
6-13-17 002
Wow, how did that get there?
6-13-17 005
Getting ready for his nap with his napping buddy.
6-13-17 007
Gotta chew on the buddy and attack it a few times first.
6-13-17 008
Posing so cute!

Jackson is now almost three months old and is filling out quite well. He is losing his baby fuzz and is getting his real fur, it is so sad! He has this long, very demanding, high pitched cry that really gets your attention and melts your heart (he uses that cry when he wants something). He loves brooms and will come out of a sound sleep if he hears us get in the broom closet. He will lay on top of the dust mop and ride around chewing on the dust mop, the two girl cats just watch him in awe (or disgust not quite sure). He jumps like a flying monkey, it really is amazing how far and high he can jump for as little as he is…visual thought…Lion pouncing on his prey! I wonder if that is what he sees himself as when he is jumping like that (the lion not the monkey)? LOL…

Jackson gets to go back to the Humane Society next month for his rabies shot and final check up. He was too young to get his rabies shot with all of his other vaccinations before we got him, so they asked us to bring him back in July when he would be over the three month age requirement for rabies shot. Not looking forward to that visit.

My husband wants to start getting Jackson used to riding in a vehicle so tomorrow we are going to take Jax out for a ride, probably only around the corner but it’s a start. We are also going to start getting him used to wearing a leash so we can take him for rides and not worry about him running off when we open the doors. I will keep you posted on his progress.

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