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June 10, 2017 – Card Class

Just wanted to remind you all that Wednesday, June 7, 2017 is the dead line to sign up for the card class on June 10, 2017. Please go to my website to sign up or email me at

Below are pictures of the cards that we will be making in class.

This is my design.

6-4-17 021

I got this lay out and idea from Pinterest and followed the link to  Stamping Up North with Laurie. Her cards are simple and clean, I love those kinds of cards.

This one I also got off Pinterest but there was no link to follow. The credit for this card design goes to Sheila Terlep at Stampin’ Up.

I got this layout off Pinterest and after I had looked at the picture I figured well it doesn’t look all that hard I can figure this out. I did figure it out on the first try and it wasn’t hard but it does look really cool. When I sat down to write this blog I followed the link to Inker’s Workshop and what do you know they have all the steps written out for you. Yeah I feel real stupid right now, someone made it simple for us but I had to do it the hard way and figure it out on my own. Daaaaaaaaaaaah

Ok, two of these cards are specifically for Birthday but the other two can be used as Father’s Day, Birthday or whatever. If you would like to purchase any one or all of these card kits they will be available in my store on June 9, 2017. Or you can attend my card class on June 10, 2017 and we will be making all of these cards in class.

Please go to my website for more details about the class and to sign up.

Thanks for stopping by hope to see you on Saturday!




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