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New Addition

As you all know our 16 year old boy fur baby passed away in Dec., 2016. Since then we have been on the fence about getting another cat. We already have a Tonkinese that is 10 years old and her name is Takara, plus our boys biological sister Sheba who is 16 years old. What we have read about the Tonkinese though is that they need companionship, and if they don’t have another cat to play with then they can get depressed.

Our boy Zues and our baby girl Takara were very close, they used to spend a lot of time together hunting, patrolling the yard and neighborhood, they would even sleep near each other, and they loved to play king of the mountain or chase one another around the house. When our boy was sick (before we even knew he was sick) she would always go and check on him while he was sleeping, he would wake up look up at her and then lay back down, then she would walk away knowing he was alright. Needless to say she has been missing Zues and has been a lot more clingy with me (which I don’t mind at all because I love to cuddle her), so we knew she was needing a play mate, someone she could pal around with. Sheba thinks that she is human so she isn’t very friendly with Takara.

In Feb. 2017 we went to our local Humane Society to get a kitten but they did not have any at that time so we left our names and phone number with the lady in charge of the cat area. We could tell she really loves her job of taking care of the cats, she knew the history of each of the cats, and was very thorough about the adoption process just so we knew what we were getting into. We both really liked her and we knew she would call. Sure enough she did… after we had given up and thought that maybe it was for the best we didn’t get the call.

On May 24, 2017 we got the call that they had some male kittens in and that they had all been neutered, were we still interested? My husband, of course, said “YES”. That afternoon he had to go to work so he asked me to go pick out one of the kittens and bring it home. First I went to Pet Smart and got a little litter box just for him, some soft kitten food, some crunchy kitten food, two big tubs of litter (the girls needed their litter changed too), and a fuzzy cuddle toy. Then I headed out to the Humane Society to get our little boy. As soon as I walked through the door that nice lady recognized me and took me straight to the kittens. She said that they had a total of eight brought in the week before and we were adopting the fourth one so that made me feel good, because at least they were getting adopted. Below is a picture of our little guy on his third day with us.

5-27-17 003

Yep, he is already my husbands cat! Isn’t he the cutest little thing? He is so curious and isn’t afraid of anything (even his sisters). We really have to watch him because he gets into everything, it’s really like having a human baby in the house. We have not really slept very well the last four nights, because we are taking turns sleeping in his room with him. We are slowly letting him explore the house so the girls can get used to his scent but we have to leave him in his room at night for his safety and so the girls can still have their space. The girls have been really good with the adjustment. Sheba keeps her distance and just watches him, but then again she does the same thing with Takara because to her they are just mere animals. Takara on the other hand has really taken an interest in him. This morning was the first time that they actually played next to each other and watched the birds through the sliding glass door next to each other. Takara was watching him play around under the dining room table while I was doing the dishes and when he tried to go in another area she hissed at him as to say “no you stay here”, so he went back to playing under the table. I am so proud of her and how she is accepting him so well, after all we did get him for her.

This little guy really has stirred things up in our household, but we needed it and we are so grateful to have this new addition we call Jackson and Jax for short. I will post new pictures and keep you updated on Jackson’s progress as he continues to settle in and grow up.

Celebrate Memorial Day for those that have given their lives serving this country. Fore it is their day, not ours!



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