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The Big Tin Gin

Last night the weather man said it was going to be windy, cold and raining today and all weekend, so I was a little bit discouraged, yet hopeful that a he might be wrong (for today at least), because I have been planning for a few weeks now to make this trip to The Big Tin Gin. Guess what? It was cold and raining but no wind when I woke up this morning. After a few minutes of going back and forth from the front and back windows of the house I decided to just tough it out and go, and was I ever so glad that I did.

Today turned out to be a wonderful day even with all the rain, cold and mud, because I met some really great people and saw some beautiful pieces that they were selling. One of the great people that I met today, and got a chance to chat with for a minute, was the owner of The Big Tin Gin and the organizer of this event. She is a beautiful lady inside and out, and she was telling me that after her husband passed away she decided to start this event not only to give this old gin a new life, but also to bring local artists together and share their beautiful creations with the community. Most of the artisan vendors at the The Big Tin Gin Vintage and Repurposed Market have been regulars pretty much since she opened her doors, “so” she said, “they all feel like family”. I found that very touching, because to me it sounded like she really did enjoy having all these “girls” (as she called them) come back every month for this event. The atmosphere was very cozy and pleasant (even thou it was a little cold due to the rain) inside. I really did enjoy my visit and plan on going back.

While there I also got permission to take pictures of some of the items that I wanted to share with you. I hope that you enjoy scrolling through these pictures, but remember there is a lot more to see there so if you live in Arizona, or are here visiting, then you need to take the time to go check out The Big Tin Gin Vintage and Repurposed Market. The event is only once a month in the winter months, so it is going on this weekend  January 20-22, 2017  Fri.- Sat. 9:30 am – 4 pm, Sun. 9:30 am – 2:30 pm. Their website has a listing of up coming events for the next two months and a map on how to get there, plus contact information if you would like to be a vendor.

This is the gin and the very first booth I saw right out front. I want that chicken on the stand and the chicken wreath, I just love them both.


This was in one of the booth’s right inside the door, I had to take a picture because I just thought that this was such a clever way to display her rings.

I am in this crazy faze about chickens, so anything with chickens I am automatically drawn to and this cute collection of chicken items are on my love list. This is all from Dragonfly Designs by Lynn Edwards. These were just a few items that she had in her booth, she has a lot more awesome stuff. You definitely must go see her if you are looking for restyled furniture and/or whimsical decor.

I found these to be very cute and functional, but she did have a lot more really cool stuff on the other side of this wall. Her name is Joey Nelson and the shop name is “the luckiest collection”.  This was a really fun booth, that is probably why it was so busy, plus she was very outgoing and  friendly.

I think that the little light blue dresser and mirror are so cute. She had a lot of those wall hangings and my favorite was “all you need is love and a Margarita”. I loved that trunk. Wouldn’t this box of drawers be great to store crafting items in to keep things close at hand and organized. There were so many cute little decorative items here too. Check out their facebook page at Pistol6.

Here is some jewelry at one of the booths I thought was pretty cool.

When I saw this little blue dresser it brought back memories, because I had one just like this as a kid, only mine wasn’t this pretty, it was oak I do believe and it had a big round mirror attached to the back. I just loved this big white entertainment cabinet so I had to share it with you.

The sign has a little bit of a glare but it says Twiggy’s Furniture and that is the name of this beautiful shop. I loved and wanted everything in this booth.


This was my favorite jewelry booth, she had everything displayed so nicely. I loved the charm necklaces and the bottle cap charms. The license plate bracelets are totally cool. Check out Corona Couture and the designer Lilia Corona.

Now these were my most favorite items, but I fell in love with a lot or should I say almost everything under the gins roof. You will just have to go see for yourself.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my blog and I hope that you enjoyed my little outing with me today. Have a great weekend and stay safe!


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