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In Memorium

Zeus – June 12,2001 – December 9,2016


This is our boy in better times sleeping on his most recent favorite blanket. Zeus always loved brightly colored toys, blankets and paper.

When Zeus was younger he loved to go out in the fields around our house and hunt, he would be out until just before sunrise and he always came home with something – gophers, birds, rabbits and even one time a bat. He tried to get a desert toad once and it landed him in the emergency room at the animal hospital at 11.00 pm..He never messed with any kind of frog or toad again, he would even walk all the way around the house to the back door when the desert toads were on the front porch in the summer.

Zeus was pretty much my husbands cat, my husband couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without his little shadow. Zeus would demand to be let outside every night at 10:30 pm, because he knew that Dad (my husband) would be home soon. Zeus would meet my husband at the mailbox for a ride home in the truck, sometimes they would even take a ride around the block before coming home and Zeus loved those rides. Zeus really liked to sleep and when my husband would snore and wake Zeus up he would put his paw over my husbands mouth to make him stop snoring. He was a really smart cat.

Zeus ran our house and as he got older and he stopped the all night hunting he took on new routines.  One was he would round us up at bed time (11:00 pm) every night and he would get so mad if we didn’t go to bed when he was ready to go to bed. He would also have to have all the doors opened (even closets) every morning so that he could inspect everything and make sure all was right in his world. He would have a fit if their automatic food dispenser was only half full, he had to have it full at all times. He loved to go on what we called “his walkabouts”, he would walk to the end of the street and back but along the way he had to check out all the trees, flowers, bushes and anything else that might catch his eye and sometimes he would even let the neighbors admire him. I swear Zeus could even tell time, we would tell him what time we had to get up in the morning and he would look at us then he would look at the alarm clock, sigh and then lay down. Sure enough he would always wake us up between a half hour before or 5 minutes after the time that we told him we needed to get up. He was awesome!

Our boy was one of a kind. He loved his Reiki sessions, massage and oil treatments those were the things that he came to me for, so that was our bonding time. I will miss those moments, because the girls (his sisters) don’t like any of that. Zeus would always help me in the kitchen when I was cooking, his favorite thing was to stand right next to me and wait for me to drop something so he could eat it, so I had to accidentally drop something like a piece chicken of a piece of fish but his all time favorite was bacon. He would always come to me when he wasn’t feel good and he would just lay on my lap or would want me to hold him in my arms. He really was like a little human because he knew that I was mom, the nurturing one, and that my husband was dad, the one that took care of business and did the guy stuff with him.

Zeus and his sister Sheba were born on June 12, 2001. On  December 8, 2016, Zeus was diagnosed with inoperable throat cancer and he was at the point where he couldn’t eat or drink on his own, so we chose to put a feeding tube in and begin radiation on the 12th of December 2016. We were at the Oncologist’s all day (9:30 am – 4:20 pm) on Dec. 8, and didn’t get back home until 5:30 pm so the poor guy was still not feeling well from the drive and the surgery of having the feeding tube put in, but he tried to still be strong for us. I stayed up with Zeus all night watching him and giving him water and food in his tube every three hours like instructed. He didn’t move from our bed all night and by morning he could hardly breathe. We took him into the vets and there was little that they could do at this point and we didn’t want him to suffer any more. Zeus was put to rest on December 9, 2016 at 2:00 pm.We had 15 1/2 years filled with wonderful memories of our boy and he will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace Zeus, we love you man!



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