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Happy Halloween

Hello everyone, I hope that you are preparing for a safe but fun and spooky night out. Oh and be sure not to eat too much of the kids candy while you are “inspecting” it, you don’t want to have to call in sick tomorrow.

For those of you getting ready to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) here are a few things that I have made for the occasion.

The top six pictures are of the exploding box card that I made this year and it has eight flaps. The four inside flaps with the flowers actually fold up around the skull and you can put the lid back over them to hold them together. There are also pockets in those flaps so that you can put in a message to your loved one or maybe something small that belonged to them or had meaning to them such as song lyrics or a poem. Then the outside flaps with the little white and gold doilies are meant for placing candles and/or samplings of your loved ones favorite foods or drink. This box card is the perfect start to a small ofrenda alter.

The bottom two pictures I made a couple years ago from a picture that my husband drew of our cat and a sugar skull painted face (was supposed to be my face). The one on the left with the black frame is the original under glass and wooden frame I painted and added a few flowers. The one on the right is a on canvas that I painted green and  glued the picture down. I used a wooden frame I picked up at Micheals and painted that a rusty brown color and glued it over the picture and then added a flower with a glitter sugar skull in the middle.

Be safe and have a very blessed day!


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