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Life Events

This has been one wonderful week in our household and I would like to share it with you.

It all began one week ago today with a road trip my friend K and I took up to Scottsdale to this wonderful little boutique where I pitched myself and my cards to the owner in hopes that she would carry my cards in her shop. Thankfully she said “yes” and bought a bunch of the cards right then and there. K and I had a wonderful morning in Scottsdale shopping and then had lunch before we headed home. The next day I got a call from T, the owner of the Scottsdale boutique, she said that she sold out of all the cards and needed to place an order for more cards. I was so surprised that they sold out so fast, and yet I was very excited at the same time. The first thing I did was call my friend K and tell her the good news and thank her for taking me to Scottsdale. Then I got to work on the new order.

The next day Wednesday, my husband got a call for an interview (at one of the many places that he has been applying to since he resigned in May, 2016, from his previous employer of 28 years) for Thursday, at 12:00 pm. He was excited because it was where he really wanted to work and had hoped that they would call. So as you can imagine we were both on cloud nine and thanking God for answering all our prayers. After a wonderful summer off and having time together, which God knew we both needed, he gave us both what we wanted.

I also learned a lesson this summer – PATIENCE. All summer with all the applications my husband and I were filling out for different jobs and all the resumes that we emailed or handed out, it really got under my skin when we weren’t getting any responses. My husband was all calm about it and kept telling me “just be patient, when the time is right we will get the jobs that are meant for us” and I would tell him “yeah, yeah, but patience isn’t going to pay the bills.” My husband was never worried about that either, his favorite saying is “Buddha will provide”. His patience and calm attitude sometimes got on my nerves to be honest, because I thought that he didn’t really care about our future. But a couple weeks ago we were talking and I realized that he was right (yes, I know it shocked me too), if I just stopped pushing and dropped the reins and let things happen as they may then I wouldn’t be so stressed. So I did! One week later he gets a job and my cards get picked up.

Today my husband did his orientation for work and starts his new job Friday. I took my second order of cards up to Scottsdale and started on the order for next week. I also got another order from a new customer for a dozen Christmas cards, and then I have a card class this Saturday. Patience, prayer and belief in yourself and a higher power really do work!

Here are some picture of our little family for you to enjoy!

The girls love this window because is it great for sun bathing and bird watching. Our boy has always loved bright colors and this is his newest favorite blanket.

Have a great day!





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  1. Gorgeous cats!

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