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Digital World

Have you ever gotten so frustrated with your computer that you wanted to throw it out the window?

My computer and I have this love/hate relationship and most of the time it is more on the love side, but this has been one very frustrating week and we have been on the hate side of our relationship. My husband spent the whole weekend cleaning out my computer and just finished this afternoon uploading only the basic files I need to function. So for now we (my computer and I) are back on track and our relationship is back on the mend.

Thank you honey for spending your weekend fixing my digital life.

Today I got to spend the day with my wonderful friend K., we went to Scottsdale for business, shopping and lunch. Along the way she taught me about her GPS system, how the car is connected to her cell phone so it is all hands free, the ignition without keys and all the other cool features that her car has. It just amazed me at how advanced technology is in these new cars now days, and it is continuously changing. Our poor vehicle is old school the most advanced thing in it is the Sirius XM Radio.

Time for me to give this old computer some rest and turn him off for the night so we can start up again tomorrow.


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