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Last week when my baby (cat) was missing I could not sleep or concentrate on anything so I just crocheted. As you can see below I got a lot done in 96 hours, there were a lot of tears shed on some of these items and lots of prayers said while working on each and every one of them. I think that these all turned out being some of my most favorite items that I have ever made so far.

The two Boho scarves and scoodie bases were already done I just needed to put on the finishing touches.

Crocheting and knitting are crafts that I am always doing whenever my husband and I are watching our favorite TV show on Sunday evening, or if we go to the movies, in the Dr.’s waiting room, getting the oil changed or whenever I know that I am going to be sitting around waiting for a while. To me crocheting or knitting is very relaxing and are easy projects to carry around, put down, and pick up quite quickly without losing your place. Let me know what your favorite craft is by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear what you all are doing out there.

All the item above are for sale and will be posted in my store with more details and pictures for each. If you would like the pattern for the shopping tote I got it from Daisy Cottage Designs. The pattern is very easy to follow, is quick to make and free. You will find many other project patterns on this site as well. Go check it out and create something fun today!

Have a crafty day!



7 thoughts on “Scarves

  1. I enjoy both crocheting and knitting. At the moment knitting is new to me , so I’m a little obsessed with it. Although every now and again I need to make a granny square. Lol. Beautiful work!

    1. Thank you for sharing, and I totally understand. Thank you for the compliment. Happy knitting!

  2. Oh and I love the color combos of your scarves <3 🙂

    1. Thank you Paardje. I love colors and being able to mix them up, it is actually fun to see what happens with them.

  3. My favorite craft is crochet. I’ve recently learned to knit (I love it) and am working on my second sweater. I do love the portability of crochet and knitting 😀

    1. Thank you for sharing your favorite with us. I saw Eve and was very impressed. How is Adam coming along?

      1. You’re welcome and, thank you 🙂 Meanwhile I’ve been making good progress on Adam and look forward to finishing him soon 🙂 (That is, if the seaming doesn’t scare me off) LOL! XD Thanks for asking, Sheila.

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